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mysterymeat3 Translations

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Sugar] Satsuki Complex Vol. 01 [English]

This translation was crowdfunded!

Here it is. The first multi-chapter series I've ever translated that had no nudity in it whatsoever. It's still cute, though. As the previous statement suggests, however, it's also not any way, really. So don't go into this looking to fap. It's for entertainment more than anything else.

I'm not 100% certain if this warrants expulsion of the gallery on E-Hentai (probably?), but either way, the link is to an Exhentai gallery that you'll be able to view even after it's expunged. I'm just way too lazy to individually reorder the images on Imgur.

Have fun, and I hope you were entertained. Don't worry if you're looking for porn. I'll be doing the other commissions in line up to The Rumored Hostess-kun Vol. 2 in very short order. Then some free stuff that I just feel like doing. So there will be plenty of fap fuel, I assure you.



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  1. Woah damn, will the next volumes open to crowdfunding too?

    1. If someone wants to put down the 25% total to start it, yeah. The creator of this one did express interest in starting up a crowdfund for the second volume too, so it's very possible.