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mysterymeat3 Translations

Friday, May 11, 2018

[Crowdfunding] [Shinozaki Rei] Blue Heaven Vol. 1

This is a crowdfund for the Shinozaki Rei tank "Blue Heaven Vol. 1."

Important: Like a few of my recent crowdfunds, some of this has already been translated. Specifically, pages 1 to 55 in the gallery (up to filename BH1_056.jpg) have been translated already. Click the link to check the translated gallery.

This obviously means that this crowdfund is to fund the remaining 110 pages, from page 56 to page 172 in the gallery. I didn't include the afterword because I'm not sure I'd even be able to read that chicken scratch if it were in English, but I'll try to throw that in there for completeness sake if I can decipher it.

To summarize, this is a crowdfund for pages 56 through 172 in the linked gallery. The first 55 have already been translated.

As usual, check this post for information on crowdfunding if you're not sure how it works.

We're starting at $41.25 funded out of a total of $165. We have a reasonable $123.75 left.

Edit: We're now at $91.25 out of $165. We have a mere $73.75 left.

Edit: We're up to $111 out of $165. We have only $54 left now!

Edit: This has been fully funded!

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