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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Change to Commission Payments

If you plan on commissioning me stuff after the end of March, 2018, then this is important. Please read it. Note that this will NOT apply to crowdfund donations, because those are always upfront.

Don't worry. It's not that big of a deal. It's just that I'm going to start requiring full payment upfront now for any commissions. I know a lot of people like to do this anyway, and most other translators require this to begin with, but it's kind of a bummer for me.

So yeah, that's the important bit. Upfront payment now. The price will be the same, of course, just upfront instead of split into two halves. So if all you're interested in is the conclusion and/or how this will affect you, the commissioner, you can stop reading now. That's it.

However, I'll go into why I'm doing this for those that are curious. The reason is because Paypal will soon be switching to a new way of charging fees. Before it was a percentage of the transaction plus 30 cents. Meaning that, aside from the paltry 30 cents, whether a transaction was large or small didn't matter. It was a percentage. So having two small transactions instead of one larger one lost me nothing aside from 30 cents.

Now Paypal will be charging a flat fee. In case you've never commissioned before and you're wondering, I pay this, not you. I think the fee is like 3 or 4 dollars or something. And that would heavily impact most smaller translations. Things between 16 and 24 pages. Because in a $24 doujinshi, that would be $12 each time, and $3 is a quarter of that $12 Which is ridiculous.

I originally did this half-and-half method for three main reasons:

1. I wasn't an established name yet as a paid-for translator. Therefore I assumed trust wouldn't be as high. So only having to pay half until the work is completed would be nifty.

2. I'm only one guy, and I still translate stuff for free that I like, as opposed to many other translators that have entire teams with dedicated roles, and/or only do paid commissions. This means that commissions will take longer to get to. Therefore only having to pay half upfront would again be nifty.

3. It's nice motivation for me. Knowing that there are some shekels waiting for me once I finish my next commission is nifty.

At this point in time, I don't think number one or three matter too much, and I usually explain before any commissioners pay me that it will take a long time, so I don't think that's a big deal, either.

That's the gist of it. All payments upfront now. I'm still offering the trade-in or refund for any sniped translations though. That's all. Enjoy any future releases.

...I don't know why I said "nifty" so many times in this post.

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