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mysterymeat3 Translations

Friday, February 23, 2018

[Matsutou Tomoki] The Rumored Hostess-kun Vol. 01 [English]

This was crowdfunded! Well, 7 of the 8 chapters were crowdfunded.

Pretty much a drama/gag ecchi manga about a crossdressing guy that has to work at a hostess club for reasons outside his control. This is the first volume, consisting of the first 8 chapters. The first chapter was translated by me as a single commission while the other 7 were crowdfunded. This is more for entertainment than fapping, but don't take my word for it if you're so inclined.

Doing some free stuff next. It'll be good.



The crowdfunds below are currently open! Click on the image to check them out and see how much is left and/or donate to them.


  1. Thanks for Vol 1 - can we get Vol 2 as well please!!

  2. i absolutely love this series. got hooked by the latter half of the 1st chapter and already couldn't wait to binge-read the rest. *spoiler-ish* but man, i was really sad when two of the integral characters were.. y'know, nevertheless, the story needs drama to progress! hopefully it gets another crowdfunding for the 2nd vol. love you and your work!

  3. This was a great read hope you consider crowdfunding vol.2 as well.