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mysterymeat3 Translations

Saturday, January 20, 2018

[Crowdfunding] [Sugar] Satsuki Complex Vol. 01 [Crowdfunding]

This is a crowdfund for Volume One of Satsuki Complex. There is important information about the translation below, so read that.

The first important thing to note about this series is that it's not explicit. So no penises (or vaginas) in here. It does have ecchi moments, but it's more of a comedy/slice of life/bit of romance series. The first 6 chapters (one chapter less than half of volume 1) have been translated already, but the crowdfund creator wants a retranslation, so they are included in this.

Another important thing for those that are wondering about continuation is that the crowdfund creator has expressed interest in getting the other volumes translated after this as well, so yes, it will be continued most likely.

Finally, I couldn't find an image hosting site that had the entire volume one raw hosted to view as a gallery. There were only download sites. Imgur, as usual, sucks for uploading large galleries, so I only uploaded one chapter. But the style  is the same throughout the manga. Here is a link if you think you'd like to donate but want to see the entire thing. Keep in mind that we're only talking about volume 1, so only download that one.(

As always, if you have any questions about crowdfunding or how to donate, check this post.

We're starting out with $44.75 out of $177 total. We require another $132.25 to fully fund this!

Thanks to a very generous donation, this went straight to fully funded!


  1. Yes yes yes. This need to happen pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Holy crap! Thanks, mysterious donator!