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mysterymeat3 Translations

Saturday, November 11, 2017

[Crowdfunding] The Rumored Hostess-kun Vol. 1 (Chapters 2-8) [Crowdfunding]

This is a crowdfund pool for The Rumored Hostess-kun.

Important note: This is ONLY for the first volume of this series, which is chapters 1 through 8. I've already translated and released chapter 1, which you can read here. This means that the crowdfund is for chapters 2 through 8 only. 

The gallery linked above contains both volumes, with vol. 2 having chapters 9 through 16. Once again, volume two is not covered in this crowdfund. The creator of the crowdfund has expressed interest in getting volume two translated after this volume, but that all depends on whether this is successful or not.

Another important note: While there is yaoi in here, there is also a lot more. In fact, there's also male on female, female on female, male on shemale, etc. Most of it is also not explicit, meaning that this is less of a sex manga and more of an entertainment manga. If you want my opinion, it's pretty entertaining, so I think it accomplishes its goal. The important ting to realize is that this is more for reading as entertainment than fapping to. Though you certainly could fap if you wanted to.

As usual, if you have any questions on how crowdfunding works, check this post for info on that.

The crowdfund is opening at $52.50 out of $210, meaning we have $157.50 left to fund!

Edit: We shot right up to fully funded!

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