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mysterymeat3 Translations

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Nameta Taido no Shounen [English]

No preview image and title shortened to avoid potential copyright problems. You all know what it is.

This release was crowdfunded!

This actually didn't take me as long as I assumed it would, thankfully. Maybe it was because I was motivated, seeing how good it was.

The story is basically about a guy turning a cocky trap into his dere girlfriend (male), all the while descending further and further into delicious perversion. Check the release for more. If you have any interest in...well, traps in general, you should read it.

As for my next release, it will, without a doubt be Dousei Hajimemashita 5. It's concluding a series I've been translating for years now. Some other stuff after that, hopefully in time for Halloween. Then probably some of the commissions I still have left, then some more free stuff. If I decide to do what I plan on doing with said free stuff, I have a feeling you ladies and gentlemen will enjoy it.

Until then.


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