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mysterymeat3 Translations

Thursday, September 28, 2017

[Crowdfunding] [Ten no Katsuraya] Nakayoshi Josou Kyoudai [Crowdfunding]

This is a crowdfund for Ten no Katsuraya's CG Set (with a small manga in there as usual too) "Nakayoshi Josou Kyoudai." In English, "The Friendly Crossdressing Brothers."

This crowdfund began from the donors on the Inochi Wazuka tank that got sniped. They're putting their money toward this instead. This means that we're opening up with a bit under half the crowdfund already funded! If you haven't contacted me about the Inochi Wazuka snipe yet and would like to donate, please do so.

Like the last few CG sets I've done, this will have simpler editing where I just put the text on the background. 

As usual, if you have any questions regarding how crowdfunding works, check out this page.

We're starting off with $101.50 out of $241.50. That means we need $140 left to fund!

We're now at $121.50, meaning we have $120 left!

We're at $146.50 now, meaning we only have $95 left!

We're at $171.50 now, so only $70 left!

We now have $191.50, meaning we only need another $50!

After a bit of a wait, this has been fully funded!

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