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mysterymeat3 Translations

Sunday, August 13, 2017

[Crowdfunding] [Gujira 4 Gou (Gujira)] Nameta Taido no Shounen to Icha Love Yagaix [Crowdfuding]

Hey everyone, today we've got a crowdfund I know a lot of people will enjoy. It's for Gujira's. "Having lovey-dovey outdoor sex with a cheeky boy-whore." Yes, that's the title. Here's a link that doesn't require login. I hear there are a lot of ads on this site if you don't have an adblocker, but I couldn't find this on nhentai.

On the comments for the exhentai gallery some other person said they'd like to do it, but it's been almost 4 months with no word at all, so I looked around and nobody seems to be working on it, so here it is.

One important thing to note is that this will not be like my previous commission, where the text in the bubbles was erased and replaced with English (like this). It will instead simply be the text on top of the background (like this). The reason? Price. This way is much cheaper because it's much, much less work for me. 

So! Anyone interested in contributing should email me as per the crowdfunding instructions, and hopefully it won't be long before we can get this bad boy (teehee) funded.

We're starting out at $57 out of $225! We have $168 to go!

Edit 1: We're already at $77 out of $225 now! We have $148 to go!

Edit 2: We're now at $92 out of $225! $133 to go!

Edit 3: We're at $125 out of $225 now! Only an even $100 to go!

Edit 4: We're at $130 out of $225 now! A bit closer to the goal! Only $95 to go!

Edit 5: We're now at $155 out of $225! A small $70 to go! We're almost there!

Edit 6: Fully Funded!


  1. Did you do the text on bubble for mesu oichi because the original artist requested it? Or am i mistaken?

    I prefer the direct on background thing meself. (Btw thanks for everythin you've done so far really love it)

    1. Not the original artist, but the original creator of the crowdfund really wanted it to be inside the bubbles. And he paid a very large amount of money to start the pool, so I didn't question him.

      I think it depends on the work itself whether or not bubbles or background text looks better. I don't think it'll make too much difference for this one. Glad you enjoy my translations, too.

  2. how to download this?