mysterymeat3 Translations

mysterymeat3 Translations

Monday, August 22, 2016

Y [English]

Abbreviated title to this one looks particularly foolish, but oh well. No choice. Again, there's a good chance you can guess what this is, but for those that can't, check the gallery link.

Oh, and sorry commander commissioner. I planned on finishing your last one, but these two locon books came out right after each other. I'll be working on commissions next. Seriously this time.

One last small note about the file hosting services. I usually used Uploaded here, but I switched to DataFile because when I went to download something from Uploaded earlier today, I realized they now ask (force) you to disable your ad blocker to download things, and that really pisses me off. I had to use a tampermonkey script just to get the fucking downloads working. So instead, if you usually use Uploaded, just download from DataFile. The speeds are similar, so it shouldn't be too different.


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