mysterymeat3 Translations

mysterymeat3 Translations

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

(Futaket 12) [MARIO ALMANAC (Mario)] METAL SLUG [English]

I always knew since my younger days playing the SNES that Mario would turn us all gay. The last five pages were an effort, but still worth it.

As I said on the Sad Panda post, today's actually my birthday (though it's almost over now), so I'll be on vacation for a few days coming up. Lucky I was almost done with this book today, or I probably wouldn't have finished this one either. I'll start on the next commission probably either this weekend or Monday. Sorry, person who's next in line for commissions. It still shouldn't take more than a week at most, so don't worry.

As for this release itself, other than "It's Mario. It's really good.", all I can say is...this:

Commissioner wants to remain anonymous this time around.



  1. Happy birthday faggot

  2. Happy birthday pillow biter

  3. A fantastic translation to kick off your birthday with! I hope it was a good one. :D