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Friday, June 3, 2016


It's finally here, folks. The moment all some of you have been waiting for. I'm now accepting commissions for trap and monstergirl Japanese to English hentai translations. For starters, I'm going to outline how this works. I'll start off with the most important info:

Contact info: As there might be some of you that don't know this yet, my email for contacting me about commissions is the same as my general contact email: tl;dr: contact me at for commissions.

Prices info:
The prices right now for translations are: $1.50 per page for black and white normal doujinshi, $1.50 per page for a CG full color set that is only laying text on top of a background as well, and $3 per page for something that's essentially redrawing CG art after erasing text. NOTE: My prices for black and whites have gone up from $1 to $1.50 per page. If you see any disparities in this FAQ talking about $1, it's actually $1.50. I went through and changed all the ones I saw, but you know how it goes.

Anyway, here are some examples of what would cost what. A normal black and white doujinshi page would look something like this. This would be $1.50 per page. I'm not currently charging extra for SFX (unless you want the embedded SFX translated as well, which would cost a lot. Just mention it in your commission email and we'll talk) or text amount or whatever. It's a dollar fifty. A CG that only needs text overlayed  on it would look like this. The difference between a CG like this, and one that costs $3, which I'll give an example of next, is that the original image (this one here) was the background image, and all I had to do was overlay text. It still requires changing fonts a lot, deciding where to place the text (since there are no bubbles for reference), and constant color changing for speakers' voices, so there's a slight increase over black and white. However, it's nowhere near as much work as this next one. The final type I'm charging for are CGs that require me to erase text in bubbles, then redraw the art, translate the text, then place them back into the bubbles. An example of this would be the recent Kinta work I did here. The raw (original Japanese version), as a comparison, looks like this. The amount of work it takes to redraw and change the text here without ruining the wonderfully colored art is massive, so I'm gonna have to charge quite a bit for this. Another reason for charging a lot for these kinds of commissions is that I know only the most die hard (and rich) among my viewers will consider spending something like $350 on a single translation, so I won't get flooded with constant impossible translation requests.

Essentially, if it looks like a normal black and white book like this one, it'll cost you $1.50 per page. If the CG set you want comes with blank pages and no text bubbles like this one, it'll cost you $1.50 per page. Finally, if you want a complicated full color doujinshi or CG set that requires me to erase text bubbles and redraw art, like this one, it'll cost you $3 per page. Do note that I don't charge for something like intro pages or full-art spreads with no text. So if you want an anthology, let's say, but don't have enough money, check and see how many pages are actual translating. Because it might cost less than you think.

Payment info: This is simple. I require all payment through Paypal. What I mean by this is that if you commission a 28 page black and white doujinshi, it'll cost you $42 total. So for that doujinshi, you can email me about it, I'll agree, you pay $42 through Paypal, I finish the work, and I release it. As for my Paypal info, I'll send you my Paypal email after you contact me regarding the commission. This should make things very smooth. You email me asking for the commission, whether I accept or not, I'll respond promptly. My response will include my Paypal info if I accepted.

Important Edit: All payments must be made equivalent to USD. So if you commission a 20 page doujinshi, then pay in AUD,  it would be $39.70 (as of August 26th 2016, according to Google) instead of the flat $30 if you were paying with USD.

Distribution: Haha, don't worry. I'm not telling you not to distribute things. This is about how I'll go about releasing whatever you've commissioned. Right now I plan to send you a link on any file sharing service you request (if you don't say anything, I'll probably use Mega), and that will allow you to download the translation and do whatever with it. If you want to upload it to E-Hentai for gallery views, go right ahead. Whether you credit me or not is also up to you. However, if you don't upload it anywhere within a decent amount of time (probably in between one or two weeks), and haven't told me anything about whether you want to be the one to upload it or not, I'll assume you don't want to upload it, and I'll upload it myself. I'll always credit the commissioner, so don't worry about that either.

Translation/Customer limits: This might be important for some of you if you took to heart what I said before about no customer limits. I've decided against that for reasons that are way too numerous to list. It would just be completely unfair. However, I also don't want to impose limits that are too strong, or last way too long. I plan on imposing a per-month translation limit overall, but customer limits monthly? Please. That's simply far too long. Instead, I have an idea of only allowing a person to have a maximum of three commissions out at once. What do I mean by this? It's not too complex, really.

Essentially I'm saying that a person can request up to 3 black and white doujinshi at a time. Requesting more complex stuff will probably result in using up more than one of your requests, but I'll let you know about that if you email me with a request first. Just know that I can't let you get away with three one hundred page CG set requests all at once. Sorry.

Anyway, back to the point. You can have three black and white commissions out at a time. These will be filled in the order they were emailed to me. Once one request is filled, I'll send it to you, and you'll have only two requests out, which means you have another you can ask for to get back up to three. However, if someone already emailed me during that time and set up another request, you'll have to wait for that (or those, if multiple) to get done before I start on your new commission. I'll post a real world example below for you:

Say Mr. A commissions three black and whites right in a row upfront, and there's nobody else before him. I'll start on his first one immediately, then once that's done I'll send it to him. However, while I'm working on it, I get a commission request from Mr. B. Everything goes through and I agree to translate it after I'm done with the remaining two for Mr. A. That means the order now is:

Mr. A's > Mr. A's > Mr. A's > Mr. B's

However, like I said before, after Mr. A gets his first one, he can commission one more, since he'd only have two out. After I finish the first one and he gets it, Mr. A will have two out, and Mr. B will have one. So it would be like the above diagram, except with the first "Mr. A" removed.

Now, imagine if Mr. A just got paid at work and wanted another black and white to celebrate. He commissions it from me, I accept, everything goes smoothly, and he's on the list after the ones I'm currently working on. This means that the order would be:

Mr. A's > Mr. A's > Mr. B's > Mr. A's

At this time, Mr. A can't make another commission until I'm done with the next one of his I'm working on. Mr. B, however, could make two more if he wanted.

Keep in mind that all these commissions would be in the order I first received your email. So don't worry if I'm asleep or something when you email me, and it takes a few hours for a response. You won't get sniped. If the payment and everything goes through properly, yours will take precedence.

Important Edit: You must request an exact translation before I put you in the queue. For example, if you know what you want, but don't have the money, I'll put in you line with a [tentative] tag. However, if you don't know what you want, or you think you'd rather wait (as in, you know you'd rather wait a while to pay), you won't be put in line.

another tl;dr: You can have up to three commissions out at once. Once I finish your first one, you can request another. If anyone else already commissioned one during the time I'm working on yours, they'll be in front of your new request in terms of time.

This policy might change in the future depending on how well this goes, but it seems pretty solid to me. It should allow anyone that wants a commission plenty of time to email me while I'm finishing my more regular customers' commissions. I won't have any regular customers, you say? Sure I will! Hahaha...ha...:(

Time Frame: This is also pretty simple. An average 20 page black and white doujinshi will usually take me about three to four days to finish. It could take me one, it could take me five. It all depends on how busy I am during that time. But do know that a week is the absolute longest it should take me for normal black and whites. If it takes longer than that, there was probably a problem, and I'll email you. I'm not anticipating any problems, but who knows? If they could be anticipated, they wouldn't be problems. Longer CGs where I just overlay text (the $1.50 per page ones) will probably take me a bit longer. It depends on the length, but most are either around 60 or 100 pages. The 60 ones will probably take me a week as well. This might be a little more flexible, like ten days, but a week is a good estimate. The 100 page ones will probably take me considerably longer, like 10 to 14 days. Finally, anything like Kinta's 125 CG where I have to redraw things (the big $3 per page ones) will probably take me around 18 to 21 days minimum. To be honest, I'm not expecting to get many of these, but if I do, I'll almost certainly announce that commissions will be closed for a week or two just so I can work on it. Sorry for any inconvenience about that, but most translators won't even bother with those at all due to the amount of work, so this is the best I can do. Overall, check the queue on the sidebar on the main page of the site, and count the number of translations before yours. Assume around 4 or 5 days per black and white, with maybe a week or so for large tanks or CG sets.

Duplications/Snipes/Refunds: This is about if you commission something, then right after I finish it, some other group uploads the same book. If you contact me soon (within a few days), I'll go about a refund. In most cases you should get a full refund, no problem. And if I'm already in the middle of translating and it gets uploaded, notify me fast and I'll give you the money you paid in advance back immediately and stop the translation. I mean, as long as you contact me in a reasonably quick fashion and ask for a refund, I'll have no problem giving it to you. As another option, I can also translate another work with the same amount of pages instead. So you'd basically be getting the first work as a bonus. Again, just email me in a reasonable time frame asking if you can have another one translated and I'll most likely oblige. However, if I've already finished it, given it to you, and you take it without saying anything, then a week or so down the line you email me saying that some other group had already uploaded yours or uploaded it quickly after, I doubt I'll be very willing to give you a refund or translate anything else at that point. And if a month or more has already passed, I'm not even going to consider a refund or subsequent translation. I try to be as consumer-friendly as possible, but that's just ridiculous.

Miscellaneous Info: The fist thing I'd like to say in this section is that I'll be putting up what's currently being translated for commissions and what I've been commissioned for but haven't started yet in a bar in the upper right-hand corner along with the other stuff there. Check that if you're wondering whether or not to request a commission for a specific work or not. Next, I'd like to say that I'm only translating trap, shemale, or monster girl things. However, anything in that category is fair game. I'm not squeamish, and I have no problem translating scat, extreme guro, inflation, whatever you're into. If it's trap, shemale or monster girl, commission me. The worst that could happen is I could say "No, that's not trap, shemale or monstergirl."

Thirdly, I got some nice questions in the comment section, so I'm putting them here. First up is whether or not editing and typesetting are included in the price. The answer is yes. When I said I'll do commissions, what I meant was that they would essentially be like my normal releases, except you can pay me to do ones I'd normally never do. The typesetting, leveling, and all the other stuff that comes with that was included in the price from the beginning. If a scan you commission is high quality, that's awesome. It's less work. If it's not, oh well. Comes with the territory. Sorry for not being clear on that. Also, I can't really go lower in price. Maybe eventually I'll go lower, but not now. Next, about commissioning just scripts that the commissioner would edit and typeset themselves. I'm not doing that right now, nor do I have any plans to. Sorry. And that leads me to the final question I got (for now): can someone request something complex, like a CG set with translucent text bubbles, but then ask for different ending (such as the text being put right on the background) so that the price per page will be cheaper for them? The answer is now yes! I changed this principle after looking at some CG sets that had bubbles that I considered way too big or not transparent enough, making them blot out too much art.

Actually, there was one more question I forgot about: will this affect my free translations I do whenever I want? No way in hell! I waited for summer just so I could have enough time to do both commissions and free stuff. If I get too many commissions, I'll actually let the commissioner know (in my first email, before any money is exchanged, obviously) that I'll be slowing down commissions for a while just so I can finish translating for free something I really liked. I can't say for absolute certain that my releases won't slow down at all, but I can say that I won't ever ignore or push back something I really like just to make some money.

 Finally, I wanted to thank you guys, but I'll make another section for that.

Mushy Thank You: Serious thanks to all of you guys that support me. Not on Patreon, per se (though I do love you guys), but even with encouraging comments, nice emails, good ratings, and the like. I've been doing this for almost three years now, and in that time this blog has grown far, far more than I'd ever imagined. My first releases back in August of '13 were more about seeing if I enjoyed translating stuff, and whether my Japanese was up to snuff for the more advanced books, rather than any real personal enjoyment or desire to give back to the community. Since then I've grown to really love translating and allowing to be enjoyed by tens of thousands what someone far more talented than I could ever be has created. Now I have a blog with almost one million views, and many fans that cheer me on with every release. My absolute favorite part about translating whatever I want like I've been doing, hasn't changed over the years. It's finding new, obscure, or overlooked artists and making them popular. Due to the way the hentai scene works, many talented people slip through the translating cracks, especially of big groups. It's just the way things works. It's not anyone's fault. The nice thing about being a one man team is that I can go find an artist I like, download their stuff, translate the whole thing myself, then upload for you guys to enjoy, all before I'd even be able to contact another member of any team. However, due to this being about my personal taste, up until now, there have been artists I know for a fact you guys either already love or would come to love, that I completely ignored because I didn't like the story or content, even if the art is fresh and unique. Well, that stops now. Although these commissions do take away a certain degree of control I have over my translations and put them in your hands, it also allows me to bring light to some of the talent that's lied sleeping for way too long, just like I did back when I first started. Back then, I had people telling me how grateful they were that I introduced them to artists like Kishibe, Nagi-Ichi, and Qunami. Well, now I can do that with any artist you guys pick, without feeling like I'm sucking the enjoyment out of it for myself.

What I'm trying to say is that I've had an awesome time these past three years. These translations of mine have blown up like a balloon, and I never expected to get anywhere close to the traffic in my entire career that this blog gets on a daily basis. Honestly, I love you guys. In a perfect world, I'd just accept all the requests I get without requiring payment at all. It's true that we don't live in a perfect world, but I at least tried to make my prices as low as I could to reflect my sentiments.

I'm typing this post out right before I go to sleep, so if you email me quickly and I don't respond, don't worry about it. It'll probably take me between eight to ten hours after this post goes up to accept any commissions, but I will respond to you, I promise. Also, if you have any questions or comments I haven't addressed already, feel free to email me or leave a comment. With all that out of the way, it's time to put an end to an era; the era of me, and start a new one fresh; the era of you guys:

Commissions are OPEN!


  1. How is this post not flooded with comments already?

    Anyhoo, this news pleases me. The only thing that would have pleased me more is if I had the willpower to sleep BEFORE hunting down commission-worthy material for you.

  2. SoundVillageResidentJune 3, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Ahhh i'm not ready! Haven't had the chance to look for something to translate yet. Thinking it will be something older by an artist that doesn't get translated often.

    1. SoundVillageResidentJune 4, 2016 at 3:23 AM

      Already have 10 possibilities and a 183 page CG dream that will never come true -_-

  3. So to be clear prices are including, cleaning & typesetting? (You didn't mention it, so I'm not sure if you're assuming they'll HQ digital raws or already cleaned scans instead of unedited scans of physical media that need lots of work)
    What about pricing if the commission provides raws and a cleaned, ready to typeset copy?
    What about pricing if the commissioner is fine without redraws on CG (Ex just blurring/whiting out existing text)? (I understand it's in poor taste, but I'm sure there are those who wouldn't mind so much especially if it can save them some cash and gets it done faster)
    What about pricing for purely a translation (Assuming someone decides to handle the rest (cleaning, typesetting etc) themselves)? (As in just a text file)

    Also I assume you still plan to do random releases of titles you chose as per usual (though likely at a slightly slower rate)?

    1. Some good questions in here. I'll add a small section to the end of the "Misc. info" part with answers to these, in case someone else is wondering the same thing.

  4. I'm glad that your passion for this stuff is still strong! You do great work.

  5. Just FYI, make sure to report your income from commissions with Form 1040.

  6. MM3, just fyi there are three different scans of Ochinko Sensei. Make sure to pick the highest quality one!

  7. What is your stance on doujinshi's that are sent (by me) cleaned, redrawn & uncensored a way of working together? ;)

    1. Sorry, not really interested in working with someone else right now. Thanks for the offer, though.

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    [Inochi Wazuka] Tsuboi Sanfujinka Iin Monogatari ~ Kairaku Shussan no Susume
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  12. Hi mysterymeat3, I've e-mailed you a commission request on May 13. Since I've yet to see a reply, can you check whether you've received it?
    Since it contained 4 links perhaps it's been caught in the spam filter...