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mysterymeat3 Translations

Monday, May 16, 2016

(C89) [Ash Wing (Makuro)] Yotta Ikioi de Hotel ni Tsurekomare Josou Shita Otoko ni Nazeka Ore ga Horareru Hanashi [English] + Small Announcement Regarding Commisions

Makuro, being pretty popular, attracts a lot of people, and I'm sure seeing that cute trap on the cover you're probably expecting something different than what actually happens. What actually happens is good though, so read it anyway.

Also, I'll just casually throw in a rather large (possible) announcement here, I might end up starting commissions later this summer. It will probably be limited to traps and maybe monstergirls, and so will most likely be cheap. Like a dollar a page or something. I know some people like to count the text bubbles or words or stuff like that, but I'm way too lazy to do that. I think I finally have the experience and free time (after my finals in a few weeks) to do this. It's not a sure thing, but if I do decide to do it, I'll make a post describing how it'll work in detail; contact info, payment info, price info, what I'll do/not do, etc. This won't affect my free translations at all, so don't worry about that. Making sure I have enough free time to translate whatever I want is why I waited until summer, actually.

Anyway, it definitely won't be happening for another couple weeks or so. June at the earliest. I just thought I'd mention my intention to start here. Enjoy the Makuro, and see you soon after my next translation. The trap in that one is quite...foxy.

Note: Turbobit shitting itself again. No Tb link this time. Sorry aficionados.



  1. I definitely enjoyed the twist! Trap on Male is an itch I seldom get the opportunity to scratch.

    Opening up commissions sounds cool, that's a very reasonable estimated price.

  2. Commissions? Goodie! Make sure you also include a limit per customer within a certain time frame, if there's going to be one. I plan on putting you to work as much as possible.

    1. Putting me to work? Please don't tell me this release put ideas in your head. (゜Д゜)

      Jokes aside, I'll probably just put a general limit or something per month or so. Maybe have a counter in the upper right-hand bar or something like that. If someone scoops up a bunch of commissions at once, lucky them.

  3. What about the title? Why leaving it untranslated?

  4. Boring twist. Traps are terrible as dom & top. Trap on Male defeats the whole point of traps.

    The fellatio was good but after that? = Instant bonerkill.

    It's just not arousing like futa on male, inflation or vore.

  5. Do you have any recommendations for any other dominant trap works, translated by other people?

    Do you have any plans for this: (also dominant trap)?